My good friend Chege Miati often says “Nyege hazina adabu“. That loosely translates to “hormones have no manners” and given the context, I think you understand what hormones I am referring to.

A Kameme Fm superstar personality has been caught being led astray by these very hormones. The lad was in his lane doing what he does best when he was tempted by the devil of lust and other sexual misbehaviour. Well, more like allegedly.

And as the allegations go, the woman who caught his eye and perhaps more was a married listener who was seemed eager to ride his meat.


what the fuck lol

No really, the lass was so eager to ride his meat that when her husband found out what they were planning, he had no option but to end his shortlived marriage -save face.

Here are screenshots of the conversation:

Yup. The meat!

riding your meat LOL

And the fun doesn’t end there. We called up the man and had a rather interesting conversation with him in which he maintains that he was hacked. He has never spoken to the lass and at the time in question, he was out of the country -yeah… because access to Facebook is restricted only to Kenya.