Kambua Mathu

Gospel star Kambua is celebrating miracle after miracle in her life.

Last year she was blessed with a baby boy after 7 years of a childless marriaģe, and you could see the joy in her.

This year has again been blessed with the wonderful news of her being expectant again.

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These pregnancies are coming after 7 years of waiting and it is nothing short of a miracle.

Kambua took to her Instagram page to express the joy of how her last birthday she had a new born in her arms and now she has one in her womb.


After Kambua managed to conceive her first child she has been in the frontline of encouraging women to be patient and trust in the Lord.

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Kambuas case isn’t a new one there are so many people who have had familiar stories.

Not only waiting to conceive a child but also loosing a child.

Kambua went through stages of thinking its just taking time to actually seeing it has taken too much time.

The plans she had set for certain things were not being accomplished ad she had to learn how to make peace with herself and at the same time face pressure from outside was a tough time for her and her husband.

She reached a point she was out of options and when she finally let go and eventually her miracle happened.

Now she awaits her new born.

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