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Oscar award winner Lupita Nyongo threw shade at government officials from the ministry of tourism for claiming they could not get in touch with her over a period of five years.

They said they opted to give Naomi Campbell the job of promoting Kenya’s tourist attractions because Lupita was ‘mteja’ for 5 years.

Lupita denied those claims in a cryptic post.

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Now kenyans have responded to this dramatic exchange, with former Kenya Film Commission chairman Chris Foot claiming she also gave them a cold shoulder when they approached her.

Foot tweeted CS Najib Balala and wrote,

“@tunajibu I hear you- we tried to get
@Lupita_Nyongo to support the Kenyan film sector even before her oscar and she wasn’t interested.”

Gospel singer Kambua defended Lupita after KOT asked, how inaccessible is she really? And why the Dad wasn’t called to get access to her.

Kambua tweeted,

“Perhaps Lupita was not keen on taking the job? Also, saying Balala should have called her dad makes me wonder…is she 12? She’s a grown woman, well able to decide what calls to take. Pia…if she’d taken this job there’d still have been things to say to discredit her, no?”

Here are some reactions from netizens.

@Teddjosiah tweeted, “Have you ever been so frustrated in a country that you decide to leave and when you leave doors start to open for you rapidly? We all know Kenya can be like an abusive husband to those born in Kenya.”

Lupita shades CS Balala over claims they couldn’t contact her for 5 years

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