A year after his mother died of cancer, Victor Mbuvi ventured into gospel music. Looking back, he credits her for the inspiration.

The ‘Kwata Kawaya’ hitmaker’s mother died in 1999. Speaking to Word Is yesterday, he said she used to insist that he could sing. And so after she died, he one day testified in church and sang a song. His pastor then encouraged him.

“I started not because I was a musician but I think I loved music,” he said.

“My mum loved me so much and she was proud of me, and so after her death, I did a song, ‘Sweet Ndwale’, for her, which I later did a remix of with Emmy Kosgei.”

As a tribute to his mother, Mbuvi says he is doing another cancer song called ‘Bigger than cancer’.

“The remix of that song was a dedication to my mum and a Kalenjin friend of mine, who also lost her mum, and so I decided to do it with the Kalenjin sound,” he said.

Mbuvi has been in the industry for almost two decades. He says most of his melodies comes when he is showering, unlike those who say theirs come while asleep.

“I come out quickly and go and record that with my phone. Sometimes, you will get an idea in church and when they come, no matter where you are seated, you have to go out before the idea goes away,” he said.

Mbuvi says he is challenged to think about the impact he has to make for the industry. That is why he is currently collaborating with new artistes to mentor them so they will inspire others who will come after them.

He is promoting his new song called ‘Nibadilishe’. saying

“Transform me is about asking God to transform me and change my heart. At times, you don’t know what the biggest thing you will release is. It depends on the emotions of people and also the message you get from God,” Mbuvi said.

He says your music should look like and reflect who you are.

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Mbuvi said he is single but would love to have children. “I live interestingly and it is my desire, but when the right time comes, I will flow into it,” he said.

“Everyone’s path is different. I must have a family but I don’t know when.”

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