Diamond Platnumz is in the headlines once again after ‘stealing’ a video concept from Brazillian singer Iza’s song.

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Diamond and Tanasha’s new song Gere is similar to Iza’s Brisa. Both costumes and backgrounds of the shoots look similar. Basically, they copied alot.

Gere is a copy-paste of Brisa and fans have attacked the East Africa duo for being ‘lazy and noncreative’.

Iza, whose real name is Isabela Cristina has worked with Beyonce, Sam Smith, Rihanna and has commented on Gere song.

@diamondplatnumz: friend, can I copy your work?
Me: Okay, it’s just not the same.
@diamondplatnumz: ctrl + c / ctrl + v,’ she posted on her Instagram account.

Iza Brazilian singer
Iza Brazilian singer responds after Diamond stole her song

Brisa so far has 83 million views 10 months after it was uploaded on YouTube while Gere has gained 2 million views in two days.

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Check out photos from the two songs which prove one copied from the other.

Tanasha donna

Singer Iza Tanasha donna Tanasha donna Tanasha donna Tanasha donna Tanasha donna Tanasha donna Tanasha donna Tanasha donna Tanasha donna Tanasha donna Tanasha donna Singer Iza Singer Iza

Below is the reaction from social media users

Victoria Aquino Iza come here quickly !!!!

Matlas Gassen A copy of the video clip of the Brazilian singer Iza. The music video director himself said this was not authorized.

Triza Iza inspiring artists from another country

jaymaudaku Kamata mwizi meen

fabyhunk Domo tangu aanze mziki zake ni kukopy tu na hapa ndipo anapoachwa na akina Davido na Wizkid.. Mfano Hawawezi mpa tuzo domo aliyeopy baba lao wakati muimbaji Original Naira Marley yupo . domo mzee wa kukopy

duara_dunia Hadi nguo mtu anakopi khaaaaaa anagekopi misa hapo mipozi ingemwagika Leo

sweetniger3 Just like the way they copied Piere Nasibu 😂😂😂😂

happybraysoni Nilijua tu alafu wanamcheka harmonize WCB bwana

hawanhussy Too bad its copy and paste as I suspected 😂😂😂😂BT don’t worry coz we r used to yo brother’s weakness in wickedness😃😃#copyandpaste is in his blood😁

duara_dunia Alafu kutwa kumcheka konde boy wao ndiyo mabingwa wa kukopi napitaaaaaa