Kalenjin gospel artiste Emmy Kosgei has come out to defend herself after Kalenjin men accused her of attacking them and the entire community.

This was after she referred to them as introverts who do not know how to approach a woman directly.

‘No Kalenjin man ever approached me for marriage till my husband proposed,’ Emmy Kosgei reveals

Defending herself in what seems to be an interview gone bad, Emmy said that her comments were blown out of proportion

“I just did a two-hour video recording with my kids in the house intending to reach out to my fans on social media when a selfish and ill-motivated person just picked a statement and started blowing out of proportion in the media to sell their products.

He even told me they would post it and apologize later. When I mentioned the word ‘introvert’ in my speech, I didn’t mean anything selfish.

In fact, the word according to the dictionary refers to people who speak less but are so powerful in the society.”

Emmy added that she has done such a good job representing her community and would do nothing to jeopardize that.

“I think I have represented my community very well locally and internationally to take the flag of Kalenjin Music and culture, it shows how much I appreciate my people and what I do.

And also being a daughter of a very great and respected leader in Kalenjin community, that will actually tell my upbringing, that I’m well-polished and having been in the limelight for over 16 years now.

I believe that I can never go on a live feed/interview and talk words that can demean a community leave alone my own tribe or Kenyans at large, I can never do that.’

Kalenjin men respond after Emmy Kosgei said none ever approached her for marriage

She was also quick to leave a message to her fans, saying

‘Its unethical and I would urge my fans and followers and brother to just ignore and don’t be part of gutter press that seek ill motive.

Let’s stay together and stick to know the facts and video is still on Facebook it’s a very detailed and never in any way did Emmy Kosgei fight the men in Kalenjin Community.

I never said such words and I’m a Christian and a pastor’s kid and ii could never mention such words,” explained Emmy Kosgei.