Willis Raburu

Bubbly media personaity Willis Raburu is loved and hated in equal measure.

The Citizen TV’s 10Over10 host recently switched up his hairstyle and got dreadlocks and Kenyans aren’t feeling it.

Willis Raburu

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The youthful celebrity was criticised for the hairstyle, with many saying he was suffering from a midlife crisis.

6leek.shushigram huh ukikosa kueka dready ukiwa kijana itakuja kukusumbua

brayo_204 Siulizi kwa ubaya lakini Willis ndio unaanza ujana AMA unarudia ujana

ti.mo947 How old is this guy again? Mid life crisis imeanza nini? Sai unacompete na 16 year olds… isorait sasa konda kidogo at least

oksechi 😂😂😂mzee akiomoka afanya vitu za vijana😂😂

dj_will 😂😂sasa utasoma news na rasta….😂😂bazuu

treyzmose umama umezidi sana

melsiejosephs so this means you won’t be presenting news

Willis Raburu

aochieng201 Bro uliamua yaani uweke ya Wan Bissaka😂this love for man u wacha tu

melsiejosephs so this means you won’t be presenting news

Okeyoh Caleb You are a shame to Luos

mv_ranger warazi wachachishe lakini hii yako ni mid age crisis

Dan Duncan’s Don’t you see how people hates you Raburu???? Wacha utotology

Mike Arap Chito Truth be told, you look horrible in that weave

treyzmose The son of a preacher turn into something immortal

Olala Pius That childish hairstyle, with a mature adult!

Speed Good This kind of hairstyle you pass with it in my village you will be attributed to a cattle rustler! I can’t imagine Citizen TV Kenya still keeping you there with a shameless hairstyle.

Maurice Kawilis You are disappointing jaduon’g Raburu, this is the kind of mentorship he gave you.. you’ve become a disgrace to the society.

Willis Raburu

Eve Ivy Ogolla This man must have missed a stage in life.

Responding to critics, Raburu wrote,

‘Nobody should ever tell you how to live your life. They can critique or advise, but ultimately you Make your choices, therefore, Be you unapologetically. You can never please everyone. Keep moving forward. Successful people look like you!’

Several celebrities supported him and one Terence Creative while responding to Raburu’s post wrote,

Bro well-spoken,mimi ndio ntakulipia retouch ukienda salon next 😂😂😂🔥

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