The quintuplets
The quintuplets

Everlyne Namukhula is one proud woman. The 28-year-old woman gave birth to 5 kids. Yes, the lady got quintuplets.

Everlyne, who hails from Navakholo constituency in Kakamega County, gave birth through CS at Kakamega County General Hospital on Tuesday night.

She has 4 other kids, two of which are twins. In total, she now has 9 kids.

The father of the kids is a casual worker who is struggling to fend for his family. He also suffers from a hearing impairment.

The excited Namukhula said she would discuss whether she and her husband should get more children or stop there.

For me, I think the children are enough but I have to discuss it with the Father of the children first.

Experts say that there is a one in 60 million chance of a mother falling pregnant with five babies without hormone treatment.

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