Gengetone boy band Sailor’s have now officially moved from their parent’s home into their own digs.

Yesterday, Mwalimu Rachel took then shopping to buy for stuff they need in their new house located somewhere along Waiyaki Way.

The members of the boy group all used to live in Kiambu under the watchful eyes of their parents.

Now, Mwalimu Rachel is their guardian and manager.

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She tweeted about it saying,

“It’s so weird! They have moved closer to tao, closer to me, but I think the mother in me feels like wametoka kwa watchful eyes of their parents. I have met ALL their parents. I feel that responsibility.”

In another tweet, she schooled the boys on buying stuff that is within their means.

Ati shower gel or sabuni? My fren! You are starting life. Sabuni, please. Live your life vile unaweza! Shower gel will come later. Loool. Am I right wangwana? Kwanza ningenunua panga soap loooool!

In the same breath, Mwalimu Rachel warned the boys from Binge drinking. 
She said Sailor’s can drink “Only on their birthdays and holiday kama hii ya Moi Day. That one, even I will buy for them hahaha!”
Mwalimu Rachel revealed that they found a good home close to town and closer to where she is.


“And just like that my @sailors254 finally, move to their new place, after searching for months for a place they would be comfy and within budget. YES! Late night shopping at @QuickmartKenya and I had to give them a warning hapo kwa liquor section…Mimi ni mama still.

Adding, “My heart is in the right place and so is theirs. They will go FAR. I trust in God for that.”