To all musicians out there, now you know how to get yourself a recording deal with Kenya’s top record labels; just go and jump over the state house fence, but remember we shall not be responsible for any loss.

School Dropout Charged In Court For Jumping Over State House Fence

Anyway, even though Mathew Kinuthia Mwangi was charged with terrorism for allegedly trying to scale the wall at State House to meet President Uhuru Kenyatta, his prayers have finally been answered as opportunities are now after him.

Singer Jaguar is Looking For The Artiste Who Jumped Over State House Wall to See President Kenyatta

Apart from Jaguar and Rabbit who’ve offered to help the young man, top Kenyan millionaire and the CEO of Candy n Candy Records; Joe Kariuki has offered to sign the artiste to his record label which has signed some of the biggest artistes in East Africa.

Popular Record Label Candy n Candy Transforms To Unfold Bigger Business Conglomerate