We have all dated men who did everything right only to dump us at the last minute, The likes of Brayo, Kevo, Johnnie and Denoh.

But what most women will not agree to is that the signs were there but they turned a blind eye.

Below are ways to identify a cheat/ dodge from the word go.

1. Take you out to fancy places.

This guy will take you out to some of the best places, not that it’s a bad thing but the reason why they do so is to win your trust.

2. He will receive ‘important calls’.

It’s easy to know a love con.

These men will pretend to receive only important calls maybe of tenders they were to receive yet on the ground such do not exist.

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3. He will have a nice car

The car might be his or not but it will definitely be worth turning necks wherever it passes.

4. Will give you good lungula

Such men are very good between the sheets and they will give you a performance of your life.

They will make sure the next time they call no matter how dirty they look you will still respond.

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5. Will stop texting or calling

Once you give in to lungula, Brayo and Kevo all of a sudden become too busy you would think they are the ones running the world.

The only problem is they are hunting for their next victim.

6. They will start asking for cash

Once akina Brayo and Kevo warm your bed, they will warm your heart and start asking for money all in the name of ‘pesa yangu imekwama.’

Ladies if a man starts asking for cash run and never look back.

Mwanaume kama haezi kuprovidia acha akae na mama yake (If a man cannot provide for you, let him stay with his mother.)

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