The weekend is here and as a woman, you are probably thinking of how to get rid of unwanted attention by men in a club when out partying.

There is nothing as annoying as getting unwanted attention in a club when all you want is some ‘Me Time’.

Here are tips on how to avoid thirsty dudes who just want to waste your time and nunu.

1. Go get a seat at the counter

The counter is the best place to seat is at the counter. This is because most seats come in singles and what better way to enjoy your own company?

2. Buy your self a drink to keep you busy

Keep in mind that enjoying your own company in a bar full of people is an art.

So buy yourself a drink and not just any drink an expensive drink, expensive enough to wade off the unwanted attention of the Wamlambez generation. If they want your attention, they better buy you a drink of similar or higher value.

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A woman enjoying her drink

3. Engage the barman

I know that the main aim of sitting at the counter is to avoid attention, engaging the barman is however a good thing as you might need him to watch over your drink.

In this age of ‘mchele’ only him can keep your drink safe.

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4. Put a stern face

The narrative of putting up a smiley face is exaggerated especially in the club where you just want to be left alone.

A stern face, yaani sura ya kazi, will in a way scare off men while a smiley face will send the message that you are ready and willing to enjoy some company.

Kunja sura mpaka washtuke.

5. Don’t be rowdy

Truth be told rules were made to be broken you might even carry a ‘Stay Away’ sign but some men will still hit on you.

Do not let that unsettle you if they insist on buying you drinks, enjoy the drinks but still insist that you enjoy your own company. And thank them for the drink.

In African tradition, it’ not courteous to turn down food or drinks when they are politely offered to you (Lol).

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