If you thought Zari was poor and was only after Diamond Platnumz’ money and his ‘banana’, you are terribly wrong.

The mother of five has already moved on.

She recently revealed that she can’t fight over d**ck, leaving her followers wagging their tongues.

Zari was fed up with her husband’s behavior of sleeping around and she confirmed that she is not that type of woman who would fight over a d*** claiming that there are some many ‘bananas’ and “NUNUs” out here.

‘I Can’t Fight Over D!ck’, Confesses Zari Hassan, Diamond Platnumz Atakiona!

Well, following yesterday’s interview where Diamond Platnumz revealed that he was the father of socialite Hamisa’s son, many have come out to criticise him. They are demanding that Diamond apologise to his wife.

Others went ahead to advise the mother of five on what to do and one follower told her to cry it out because it is a way on releasing stress.

This was after Zari’s sister Asha Hassan shared a photo of Zari and captioned; “On the move @zarithebosslady”.

Vitu911: we love you @Zarithebosslady cry, let it out…stay strong and humble this too shall pass.

Zari’s response left many surprised. She wrote ;

@Vitu911 Mummy cry for who and what? My bank balance is still intact.

Here’s the screenshot

Tutaonana Baadaye! Meet The Children And Grandchildren The Late Zari’s Mother Has Left Behind (PHOTOS)

Zari is now richer than Diamond Platnumz after she was named the biggest beneficiary of her late husband Ivan Semwanga’s properties. She recently revealed that Ivan left millions for them (her and her kids) claiming that their children will never suffer.




Zari Hassan

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