Passengers robbed in a matatu

Police are looking for gangsters who hijacked a matatu and robbed the passengers on board before dumping it in Lucky summer area, Ruaraka constituency, Nairobi.

Passengers robbed in a matatu
Ten passengers were injured in the Tuesday morning incident as the gangsters beat and stabbed them in efforts to get money and other valuables from them. The 33 seater matatu was headed to the city centre when the gang which included a woman struck.

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Passengers robbed in a matatu

The matatu crew are being sought for questioning. The victims were later rescued by locals and police.

“As I was texting the guy next to me told me ‘give me that phone’  while holding a gun to my head,” narrated one of the victims.

Another man revealed how the Tuesday nightmare turned horrific while he was on the way to work.

“I was reluctant to give out my phone and one of them hit me with the back of a gun on the head. I gave him the phone.”

Leakey Ndeda, a primary school teacher was on his way to work when he met the dreaded gang.

“I met a gang of 8 people between Ngomongo and Lucky Summer bridge.The first thing they asked me to give them was my phone. I told them I didn’t have a phone but only had my wallet. One of them pointed a gun at me so I surrendered,” he said.

Passengers robbed in a matatu


Adding that:

“Another gangster stabbed me once on the head and I had no choice but give out my phone and wallet. I was stabbed on my left buttock and another one stabbed me three times in the head before they fled.”

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More than 10 phones were stolen.

Here’s the video

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Posted by NTV Kenya on Tuesday, March 13, 2018