Ladies always want to find and date that ‘perfect’ guy who’s going to complete them. But let’s face it, there is no perfection when it comes to women or men, same case for relationships.

We all have flaws and if you can’t accept another person with their weaknesses, then just stay as single as you want. But at the same time, there is a calibre of men I would not advise you to have in your life.

But what kind of a person would I be if I don’t help out my fellow sisters to stay away from men whom they may come to regret hooking up with later.

There is much we can say when it comes to dudes, but when it comes to some characters, you’d better keep off.

Here are some men you should avoid at all cost, actually never date:


1. The Needy Guy
This kind of guy will come off as sweet and caring at first, but with time, he will become obsessive and never wants you to spend even a minute away from him. He may even make it hard to hook up with your girls or other dude friends as if you don’t have a life. A good person will give you your own space and time to breathe!

2. You Friends Ex-boyfriend
If your BFF broke up with her dude and for some reason you kinda liked him and think of giving it a shot, you will be making a big mistake! If it never worked out with your friend, what makes you think that you two will last together? Plus why makes things so complicated with your friend, unless they dated briefly and she doesn’t really give a damn!

3. The Stingy Guy
I know this is debatable, but I seriously don’t see why a man can be so stingy that he can never get his girlfriend even just a chain or a pair of shoes for her birthday or just take her out for dinner once in a while. And I ain’t talking about a hustler, I’m talking about a man who earns a good penny and probably doesn’t have any responsibilities. If you don’t treat her well, someone else will.

stingy (1)

4. A Man Who Can’t Compromise
I think this is one of the most important aspects of a good relationship, because if he can’t come to a compromise with you then there will be a great disconnect. Most of such men are selfish and feel that things should go their way, without thinking of what the girlfriend wants. As they say, compromise is a two-way street. As long as you don’t give up too much.

5. A Guy Who’s Always Negative or Miserable
Who wants a guy who’s complaining every other time you are together. He is always pessimistic about almost everything even in life and feeling miserable even when you try to cheer him up. This dude may suck the life out of you especially if he makes it an everyday thing. He may also make you become miserable and it can get exhausting. The best man is the who will encourage you and vice versa even when things are tough!



6. A Cheater/Player
Well, I’m sure most of us have come across this type of guy, but giving a second chance is not a bad thing. However, he may have done it once then you forgive him but if he does it again… this is a sign for you to run. And if it’s a guy you are sure has cheated more than once in previous relationships, just stay away from him. You don’t need that.

7. A Real Bad Boy
This is the type of dude who’s actually a bad boy and by this I mean one who engages in drugs, bhang or any other illegal stuff. Most of them can be fun to flirt and laugh around with, but actually dating one is not the best idea. Their bad boy behaviour can rub off on you or he can mess up your life with his lifestyle.


8. The Guy Who Can’t Commit
This guy will never want a commitment or think of settling down. Others will even make it clear from the start while other will stay with you for months until you realise that they don’t want to make things official. Take note girls, this is a time-waster!

9. Your Terrible Ex-Boyfriend
Ladies, I know many are the times we are tempted to go back to an ex because we still feel attached or find it hard to move on. But if that same guy was a terrible boyfriend and still has the same behaviours, nothing will make it work and you may end up with him again only for you to get hurt again. Even if he persuades you, just stay away from him and cut communication.