It’s always a dream of any teenager to join campus. They work so hard to achieve good grades and join an institution of their choice.

Although some have it smooth and make it to the graduation list after four or so specified number of years, there are those who encounter several challenges and rarely do they live to witness that big day.

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The campus hosts all manner of students and as such a lot of things go on in campus and below is a list of 13 shocking things that take place in campus hostels.

  1. Weed selling and baking of weed cookies.

Campus is the place where innocent students turn into gangsters and budding drug dealers, From smoking the dangerous herb to selling it, some of these students end up having health issues in future. Some even bake weed cookies and supply them at parties, where those who are not used to such loss their control after taking and do bad things that leave them regretting.

2. Orgies shot for porn websites at premium fees

The emergence of socialites has worsened everything. The likes of Huddah Monroe and Vera Sidika are influencing campus girls and they will do anything for fame. From posing nude and dishing out porn video on websites, campus ladies will do anything for fame and money. All they need is a secure internet connection and a phone and they can beam the porn at a fee from the safety of their hostel rooms.

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3. Making over the counter drugs concoctions like mixing codeine with tablets and sell them at room parties

Campus students will do anything to make quick cash. Apart from selling weed, some of them go ahead to buy over the counter drugs, mix them and sell them at parties. Most of those who consume these concoctions end up being addicted and suffer from severe health conditions.

4. Snaking each other’s super daddies and sponsors. On weekends and public holidays, rich old men are sported picking young girls from the hostels at the wee hours of the night. This leads to competitions among the girls and sometimes the sponsors are shared among them leading to risky sexual behaviour.

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5. Pimping first years to old rich and influential men

Having an old man or rather a sponsor as a boyfriend is a trend among campus students. Some of them pimp their fellow students to rich men and in most cases, they end up being killed by sponsors in case they fall out.

6. Lesbianism and gay-related activities

Campus teaches innocent students a lot. By trying out their sexual fantasies, some end up being lesbians and gays. Others are influenced by peer pressure.

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7. Relationship instigated murders

We’ve heard about many students who’ve died as a result of being bullied, dared to kill themselves by their friends and even others incited by their partners to do so.

8. Violence and stabbing related to romantic relationships gone bad

Cases of campus students killing their spouses because of love triangles have been rampant of late. We’ve heard several stories of campus students stabbing their partners to death and even causing damages in their hostels and begging the question is suicide the only means to move on or answer to such?

9. Recruitment into cults

Most campus students especially those who’re into quick money are members of certain cults and initiate or recruit their schoolmates into such. In most cases, those who backslide always end up dying or living a miserable life. Dear first years, be watchful.

10. Suicides motivated by financial problems or failed romantic relationships

Peer pressure leads many to do the unthinkable in campus. Most of the times those who are not from well-off families end up committing suicide because they can’t keep up with the lifestyles of their rich kids counterparts. Others end their lives after being dumped.

11. Prostitution

Prostitution is the order of the day in most campuses located within big cities. Most students especially female only are nuns by the day but prostitutes by night. Some of them act as call girls and post their naked pics and contacts on pornography websites looking for rich men.

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12. The rooms are used to store stolen items before they are fenced

Campus students often get in trouble with the police and some of these circumstances include: hiding stolen goods, hiding drugs, hiding weapons such as guns for robbers and even renting out their rooms for criminals.

13. Rent out hostel room for sex – It is called going on exile. Or renting it out to outsiders while student stays at home and collects the rent.

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