The ruling on gay sex marriages has been postponed to May 24 over challenges with the bench of judges. Justice Chacha Mwita who addressed the court on Friday said the judges have had challenges in writing the ruling. "You may not like the news I have today. We are still working. One of our colleagues is still on leave. We ask you to give us up to May," he said. The challenges involve the huge volumes of files since that were not sent on hard copies instead of soft copies by the parties. Mwita apologised on behalf of the three-judge bench. He said most of the judges were in other benches so getting them together has been a hard task. He noted that the only time they can meet is from April. There was a quiet air of excitement at the offices of the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, as the countdown draws closer to Friday when a much-awaited ruling by Kenya's High Court could make history. The charity has fought hundreds of cases of abuse against sexual minorities in Kenya's courts, but the verdict on whether to scrap British colonial-era laws criminalising gay sex is undoubtedly their most eagerly anticipated case. Homosexuality is taboo and persecution of sexual minorities is rife. Under sections of Kenya's penal code, gay sex - or "carnal knowledge against the order of nature" - is punishable by up to 14 years in jail. Campaigners say the laws have long promoted homophobia in the largely conservative Christian country - and are used daily to persecute and discriminate against sexual minorities. They face prejudice in getting jobs, renting housing or seeking medical care or education. Since the date of the ruling was announced in October, LGBT+ activists across the world have been counting down the days on social media with hashtags such as #WeAreAllKenyans, #LoveIsHuman and #Repeal162.

On Friday, members and supporters of the gay community flocked to Milimani law courts hoping for the judge to make a positive ruling on gay relationships.

But it was postponed to May 24 over “challenges”. Justice Chacha Mwita, who addressed the court, said the judges have had challenges in writing the ruling. He said:

You may not like the news I have today. We are still working. One of our colleagues is still on leave. We ask you to give us up to May.

The adjournment ignited mixed reactions among Kenyans and below are some of the comments:

NGLHRC: The ruling of #repeal162 has been postponed 😭😭😭. The bench has not finalised making their decision. To say we are disappointed would be an understatement

Brenda Wambui: Justice delayed is justice denied. Kenya continues to be a joke. #Repeal162

Brenda Wambui: These are the ways in which homophobia moves. Queer people have been waiting for this ruling for 3 years. The judges, knowing they would delay the judgment, don’t even have the courtesy or basic decency to say this in advance. Because queer lives are a joke? #Repeal162

Allen Arnold: The only problem I have with decriminalization of same sex marriage in Kenya is that these gays will have the courage to approach any man they meet. Personally, approaching me will result to a fight.

Michael Mburu: This is a very good day for Kenya. I congratulate the judges for not allowing this subversion of the constitution. If they want to force gaysim & lesbianism on us let them go the people with a referendum. Proud of the judges.

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Muthuri wa Kiama: The courts should set a precedent for Africa. We have our own society and culture and don’t have to copy wazungu on every matter.

Major Tialala: Hii ni takataka. Gay marriage is unconstitutional and would require a referendum. Good luck with that. I am beginning to suspect that the Star has homos as editors.

There is no such thing as “gay séx” in any Kenyan law. It is neither illegal nor legal. The law simply doesn’t care. The only thing that is illegal in Kenya is Búggery. This filthy act is basically kutomba matako ya mtu. This law doesn’t care whether the sodómite and the sodómised is a man or a woman. Therefore the law is a general application law and does not discriminate against anyone.

These filthy animals need to be put down by Kenyans of goodwill. Nchi gani hii tunalinda kama wasenge wanatembea dunia proclaiming loudly how they másturbate with other men’s intestines and they are proud of it?

Patriotic Kenyan: Heheheheehehe smart move… reminds me of Maraga and the lack of quorum in the presidential elections court fiasco. So that photo is the gang of gays representatives?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

It will never be allowed in Kenya, we are a conservative nation held by strong values at the grassroots not what you see in Nairobi