To tell the truth, men are very creative when it comes to trying to sleep with a woman! Men of old would go out and carve entire empires just so they could court a woman. These days, it is easier just to lie to her -or your wife.

They say familiarity breeds contempt aye? Well, that would explain why a man would allegedly go through the trouble of staging a kidnap -his own- just to get to a guava I do not know! But meet Embu County’s Speaker, Justus Kariuki Mate.

According to David Odongo of The Nairobian, the MCA had been embroiled in a love triangle that pitted his now estranged wife (whom I might add can gerrit!) against his lover, Wangari Kaburi. I can just hear that irritating guy that mixes all of Kenya’s reggae sets scream “THITIMA!”

According to detectives who The Nairobian interviewed, Justus Mate has been giving conflicting accounts of what happened, sometime going as far as to feign trauma. This is a story you definitely have to check out for yourself!

If it is true Bwana County Speaker was kidnapped, an apology is in order. If not, I think Mafisi United have found a team mascot!







Source: The Nairobian