About a month ago, NTV news anchor Larry Madowo rubbed many people the wrong way after he posted a photo showing him grabbing the testicles of a popular statue in New York city.

PLEASE GROW UP! KOT Viciously Attack Larry Madowo After Grabbing Testicles (PHOTO)

Pictures of the 26-year-old with his mouth wide open as if attempting to bite the balls off the Charging Bull irked social media users who asked him to “grow up and stop being childish.”

Well, a few hours ago Capital FM’s Anita Nderu shared a photo that showed her doing the very same thing Larry got in trouble with Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) and what’s surprising is that no one even seemed to care.

Actually, I am beginning to think that some Kenyans have a strong disliking for Larry Madowo for some reason I don’t know.


The sultry lass recently flew out to the United States and she has been keeping us up to date with her daily activities, which mostly include visiting the beautiful sceneries in the country.

Yesterday she decided to pass by Manhattan to take a photo with the world-famous statue just like Larry and later posted them on Instagram.

Unlike Larry who was mauled and called all sort of names, Anita’s photos only grabbed the attention of a handful social media users who urged her post a photo grabbing the balls and she obliged.

Here are the photos:

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