Nick Ruto is being groomed to become a political powerhouse like his daddy, William Ruto.

The Deputy President’s son was filmed at what looked like a political gathering of sorts where the youth were treated to a sporting event.

Here, Nick is seen addressing the media and talking about the importance of engaging the youth in sporting activities.

William and son Nick
William and son Nick

“This is a good project for the youth. Instead of them engaging in drug abuse or whatnot, they should get into sports. Sports will act as a drug now,” Nick said in his speech.

These are events that will uplift the youth. We should not only focus of sports like soccer but also in other areas like athletics.

He also noted that “those in leadership should guide and advise the youth on how to grown their talents to eliminate problems in society.”

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Nick looks like a young version of his dad.

Check out the photos below.

Nick Ruto in Mombasa Nick Ruto in Mombasa Nick Ruto in Mombasa

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