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June Gachui is one of the biggest Jazz female artistes in Kenya.

At the age of 39 June Gachui who trained as a lawyer decided she wants to be an artiste. She started her career as a background vocalist who used to sing at weddings, she has actually done more than 400 weddings. Kenyans na harusi aki.

Then she finally decided to do her own songs and she has made the best out of her talent. She was among the artistes who shared a stage with Keri Hilson and Bobby V.

So despite all the weddings she has been performing in, she is a single lady. For her, she says her bus has not yet made a stop at her bus stop.

June Gachui

Well, she explained in a forum, Engage, about being single. Society always makes it tough for a single lady saying we are always looking for Mr Right yet they do not exist.

June Gachui told of how her aunties always tell her to just pick any man and make him what she wants him to be.

My dear, what are you girls of today waiting for? What are you looking for? Mr Right? They do not exist. Just pick someone and clean them up

She has tried, she was almost walking down the aisle and her first man sadly went to be with the Lord. June explains that it was a tough one.

The other time she was getting close, the man just suddenly said he wants her as a friend. The friend zone is a tough place to be when you have an idea in mind of a great relationship.

They always say women are the ones that suffer from the “unknown zone”. The zone where you don’t know who you are to the man.

As June was busy planning for a marriage and children the guy is just there seeking friendship. It hurts when you invest time, love and money in a guy who does not in the same thing as you.

Dear men, as much as you want her to enjoy lungula, let her enjoy pregnancy- Tedd Josiah

When ‘the friend’ finally made things clear, she was devastated. She cried so much to a point she did not shower for days and found consolation in chocolate.

The one thing that made her get back to normal was when she went on stage to sing. Her eyes sparkled and she sought solace in music.

Men these days say that they do not want intimidating women. Women who have gone through the empowerment teachings.

Women’s empowerment is the process in which women elaborate and recreate what it is that they can be, do, and accomplish in a circumstance that they previously were denied.

This created a conversation and this is where the term boychild originates because having to katia an empowered woman is a huge challenge ati hawawezi ambiwa kitu.

June Gachui_Mpasho

June still believes that life has a balance. So she still believes she will get a man who will complete her and she will be the best for that man.

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