Julie Gichuru

Julie Gichuru may be accomplished in the boardroom and business room but she is a terrible cook. Last year, one of her most popular posts on her social media was about how monumental it was for her cooking an omelette for her hubby!

Julie Gichuru and husband

Yes, you read that right. An egg, with things inside it. That was the highlight reel for this media heavyweight. And we might just have the reason for her poor culinary skills. In a looooooong post on social media, she explains how she viewed the art of cooking.

Julie Gichuru

It is instructive and shows the apathy with which she saw learning how to cook. Her truncated post is below:

“My father was reading the newspaper but stopped to contribute to a debate I was having with my mother. 

He interjected firmly, 

“But Julie, you must learn how to cook!”

He was perturbed but I could tell it came from a place of love. So here’s the low down. I was a teenager & I had pointedly refused to learn how to cook. As the only daughter in the family it was obvious & apparently a source of social embarrassment……..

My Dadima (my paternal grandmother) was a wonderful cook, my Mum too. But I had pointedly informed them both that I had no interest in the kitchen…….

I tried not to laugh. Most people in the house knew that I survived on bread & tea & had very little interest in anything other than Elliot’s Bread, KCC butter, tea & books, books, books.“I’ll be fine Dad. I can survive on bread & tea or noodles.”Exasperated now, he looked straight at me,

“Well, you will have to cook for your husband! What will you do when you have a family?”…….

A-ha. Now we were getting to the heart of the matter. I wondered, how could we be so close together & yet such world’s apart?I smiled, lowered my voice & answered,“Well Dad, I don’t want to marry a man who wants me for my cooking. If that’s what he expects me to do then he won’t be marrying me.”

Then without another word, he picked up his newspaper & continued reading.”

But I can’t blame her, her good looks and great rhetoric were her trump card, not her chapati making skills. Ama?