Julie Gichuru
Julie Gichuru

Julie Gichuru diligently curates a wholesome and family-friendly personality on her social media pages. The former TV anchor has been the consummate professional, showing that one can succeed in the cut-throat business without scandals.

Julie Gichuru
Julie Gichuru

But something rather odd happened over the weekend when a Facebook page purporting to be hers shared some rather controversial information.

The post warned husbands about the potential danger their wives faced when going to the gym without them. The strange message read in part:

Dear men, If you are married, and your wife goes to the gym but you don’t, I have to tell you something. At the end of the gym session, there is something some gyms call “warm down”, while others simply call it “stretch”.

The Screenshot

The post went on to describe how gym instructors allegedly use their wonderfully toned bodies to their advantage, to ‘train’ places in ladies’ bodies where they should never go.

Anthony Gichuru and Julie Gichuru
Anthony Gichuru and his wife Julie 

She responded to the alleged message by setting the record straight by writing on her Instagram page:

Please be warned and aware of fake Facebook pages in my name. My only official facebook page is Julie Gichuru Fanpage. This happens to a large number of people so be smart about how you use FB and who you follow. Don’t be duped. Stay safe online pals.

Julie Gichuru
The beautiful anchor denied that the account is hers

This isn’t the first time a celeb has had their name used to scam users online. Shaffie Weru, Lillian Muli, Kanze Dena and Catherine Kamau (Kate Actress) have all been victims of people using their names for nefarious purposes.

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