Julie Gichuru

Media personality Julie Gichuru has revealed that she is never ever going back to reading news on TV.


Julie was speaking to Janet Mbugua for her weekly blogs. Janet asked her if she misses TV and if she would go back to news anchoring.

Julie replied, “News no. Oh my God, news was…I feel we are going to see a death of the mainstream as we know it. I wouldn’t go back,” she said.

“It is already coming, ” Janet Mbugua added.

Julie agreed with her adding, “Coming slowly, it is happening, so what we are doing in our spaces is just as important but not more important. I wouldn’t go back, but I certainly look forward.”

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This comes at a time when her former employer, Citizen TV poached from NTV and KTN to revamped its programming to win back audience as competition grows.

The station was to reveal their new strategy in a promo showcasing how Citizen TV has revamped it’s newsroom by offing up “a blend of compelling reporting and sophisticated presentation of news.”

But that was not to be as it was prematurely leaked.

Sunday Live will be presented by former NTV reporter-cum-news-anchor Victoria Rubadiri and paired with Jeff Koinange.

This means that Rubadiri will be the queen of the screen at Citizen TV, taking up the position left by Janet Mbugua. Previously, there was Julie Gichuru on Sunday Live.

Monday Special will be anchored by Anne Kiguta, while Hussein Mohammed will be presenting News Night on Tuesday. Jeff Koinange will feature again on Wednesday news bulletin, and hosting guests at the end of the bulletin on JKL (Jeff Koinange Live).

Thursday News Explained with be brought by former KTN presenter Yvonne Okwara. After Thursday news, there will be the News Gang programme, which is answer to NTV’s PressPass and a forum for Citizen to showcase the new stars on its team.

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Featuring Ann Kiguta, Hussein Mohammed, Yvonne Okwara, Jamila Mohamed as well as RMS editorial director Joe Ageyo and innovation and strategy director Linus Kaikai. The programme will certainly discuss issues affecting journalism and the media.

Friday Jacque Maribe and Waihiga Mwaura will usher in the weekend with Friday Night, followed by a new look Citizen Weekend with Lilian Muli on Saturday.

Jacque MaribeMaribe will be going head to head with KTN’s Friday briefing presented by Betty Kyalo.

It is not clear what changes Citizen TV will make with the exit of Kanze Dena. She is leaving Citizen TV for a job at Statehouse. The mother of one was appointed as the deputy head of the President’s Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU) as well as deputy State House spokesperson yesterday by President Uhuru.


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