Juliani and Brenda
Juliani and Brenda in the past

Juliani and Brenda Wairimu have been the couple most Kenyans look up to.

The two’s relationship has raised eyebrows for the last couple of months. Well, let’s take this step by step. During an interview on Talk Central, Brenda Wairimu angrily told the viewers¬†that she should not be referred to as Juliani’s baby mama, she has built her own brand and her name.

Brenda Wairimu holidaying in Samburu

Just before that, Brenda Wairimu was part of a big Kenyan romcom (Romantic Comedy), Disconnect and guess what, Juliani was not in attendance for moral support.

Do you remember seeing Brenda Wairimu and Njugush on Holiday courtesy of Bountiful safaries. Now here is the thing about this sponsored trips, they always tag along their partners, but in this case, where was Juliani?

Juliani and Brenda


Just trying to get to the bottom of a rumor that the two’s relationship might just be over and done with. In an interview with Chito’s Maloko show on Kiss, he was asked about their relationship status at the moment. Not giving a yes or no answer, Juliani beat around the bush and from his long story, things do not seem to be all rosy. The three things that are not clear are if they are still together? if they are just co-parenting? or if they are separated?

There is no official position with our relationship and maybe everyone is right with what they think about us.


Of course, the mere fact that he wished her a happy mother’s day made it seem like things are okay. Was it a kuficha white kind of post to just blind their fans? He responded to that saying:

The fact that she has my baby, I will always treasure her and that is why I wished her well, during mothers day.

The juiciest part of the interview was Juliani sort of referred to Brenda as a lady of ego saying she is not humble.


I have a song that will reveal to you guys whether we are still dating or not but as far as what I have learned is human beings have ego. Binadamu hujidai sana, until you get them in hospital sick or dead. It is high time we humble ourselves especially in relationships and avoid including ego.

Brenda Wairimu holidaying in Samburu

During an interview with Kalekye Mumo, Brenda had opened up that they had broken up once because things were not working out. They worked things out and went back to loving each other. Now things seem to be going downhill.

Juliani ako na bahati! His wife, Brenda Wairimu breaks the net after exposing her juicy brown thighs (Photos)

Juliani said that the truth will finally come out after he releases his song that speaks about it all.

I have a song that will reveal to you guys whether we are still dating or not but as far as what I have learned is human beings have ego.

I don’t know about you but from all the evidence, there might be some trouble in the paradise of Juliani and Brenda Wairimu.

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