Revenge porn has been the trend in celebrity relationships for as long as I can remember. From Kim Kardashian to Tila Tequila, we’ve seen as drama unveils before our eyes with sheer amazement. This was the case with Desire Luzinda, whose ex-boyfriend recently leaked her sex-tape with hiim.

“First of all in most cases it is never the woman’s fault. If you an adult and you’ve been in love with someone you know that there are no limits on what will happen in a private bedroom of two adults. If you don’t go all the way to please your man, he’ll leave you and then you’ll get judged for it! When a man breaks that trust and decides to share those intimate details to the rest of the world, and use all that against her – that’s why we still have a long way as women to stand against such behavior,” the singer said.

“I frown upon such men. They are such a disgrace!” “What is even more perplexing is that it is only women who fall victim of these revenge porn attacks. When you do such a thing to a woman, you are not only victimizing all women but also your mother, daughters and sisters.” “It should stop with immediate effect!” She also highlighted the fact that media is fueling the attacks instead of bringing the perpetrators to justice and/or scrutiny.

“It is not something to be proud of. It only makes life even harder for the victims! I was in the US when I Cloud was hacked and so many celebrity’s nude photos were leaked. However no single reputable media outlet shared these photos and it was not because they feared legal action but they respected the women and didn’t want to contribute to the trauma these women were already going through. It saddens me that back home, it is the opposite that is happening. We should rise up and use our positions as women to say no to revenge porn because we are always the victims.”

She delved into other celebrity nude leakages that happened last year, which targeted the likes of actress Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian. See some of the sexy singer’s photos below: