TV personality Janet Mbugua has been a household name for the longest time.

The proud mother of one has been missing in action on TV, and her fans miss her dearly.

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So what has life been like for her away from the silver screen? “Usually it’s meetings, phone calls and emails in the morning, ’cause I am attached to an organisation that is abroad,” she said.

“So it’s looking at the emails they sent before and trying to plan my day. My days don’t have a routine, that’s what I love. They’re usually fluid. I spend the mornings with my son; sometimes I take him with me but if I can’t just go on with my day which is filled with activations, events… I may be going to a school with Lifebuoy or going to record an interview. In the evenings it’s constant emails and calls back and forth. I ultimately feed my son and put him to bed. My days change but the themes are constantly the same.” 

Janet Mbugua

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Speaking of her going back to TV, Janet said she may have gone off screen to focus on other projects but she’ll eventually go back to the screens as a presenter.

“I’ll definitely at some time go back to TV, but I’m also really building my online brand ’cause that’s where the future lies. I am having fun. With online you can do anything, you can be who you are, talk about what you want, that’s why you see me being very active online. I’ve fallen in love with the digital space. I’ll be launching my Janet Mbugua Top 5 YouTube