Lillian Muli

Citizen TV’s Lillian Muli has been a victim of cyberbullying for quite a while now. She has been criticized, insulted, all things said about her but that has not deterred her from doing what she loves most. She has forged ahead and used everything that has been thrown at her as a stepping stone to greater things. The sexy Tv screen siren is indeed a strong woman.

Well, yesterday, Lillian Muli was the guest on Robert Burale’s show (RBLiveShow) where she talked a lot about herself among them her regrets, how she deals with trolls and her family life.

Strength Of A Woman! Meet The Woman Who Made Lillian Muli What She Is Today

The mother of one, who has managed to keep her head above water, revealed that she has learnt to ignore trolls and focus on the positive things in life.

“I have learnt not to take things to heart. Not to look at the world as a negative place. When people attack you, most of the time they are probably going through their own struggles and that’s why they choose to attack you. I don’t have a thick skin, just like any other person, my heart bleeds as well. I have very low moments but I have learnt to keep myself busy and try to focus on positive things in life.”

The popular media personality also revealed that she is a prayerful woman, something that many of us didn’t know.

“I pray a lot. I have a personal relationship with God. Prayer has done wonders in my life,” she said. 

When asked about her regrets, Lillian opened up and she said;

“I have made  countless mistakes but now I’m very careful so that I don’t  repeat.”


“Trusting too much, surrounded by the wrong people, not able to tell real friends from fake. Sharing personal information with friends who later talk behind your back and criticize you.”

Robert Burale and Lillian Muli

Many lies have been said about Lillian Muli for instance those claiming she relies on sponsors to foot her bills, but she has put the record straight that she has worked hard for everything she owns.

“The most painful and humiliating thing I have  ever heard or seen on social media is that 
Lillian lives a certain lifestyle because it has been given to her by a certain class of people. We work hard and have side hustles. I have worked hard for everything that belongs to me and my son. So when people spin this narrative, it does get to you but again at the end of the day, I know who I am.”

The multi-talented presenter has called out the keyboard warriors or rather people who hide behind the keyboard to insult others and here is the message she has for them.

“If you’re hiding behind a keyboard to insult or bully someone, to say something that is an outright lie, SHAME ON YOU!. Think about the things you say and how damaging they can be to the people that you care about most (your family) before you even think about whoever you’re attacking.

Think about the damage that lies in words and some of the things you put out there are social footprints that will never ever be erased. The minute you fabricate lies and put on social media, you’re not only destroying that person’s image, name but yourself as well. You need to seek professional help. If you thrive on dissing people and calling out people you didn’t even know, probably you’re going through a lot yourself. You are an angry, insecure person and need help. So STOP.”

She also advised those going depression and contemplating suicide because of being trolled online to borrow a leaf from her.

“If you’re being bullied on social media, borrow a leaf from me. I was bullied for three days on social media after I made a mistake which I later apologized for. I went through so much hate on social media from people who don’t even know me.

IF YOU MADE A MIStake and people have called you out, apologize and move on. Judgement is for God. Be at peace with yourself and learn from that mistake. But if somebody is going out of their way to talk about your weight, marital status, ignore them. I delete and block such comments. you have a lot to achieve.”

Lillian Muli, who is among the celebrities who keep their private lives under wraps, also revealed the reason why she rarely posts photos of her seven-year-old son on social media.

“I decided to keep my son away from the limelight after he one day came home from school and told me ‘mum, my friends said this and that about you’.  This is my path and I choose not to expose him on social media.”

Lilian Muli

The sexy mother, who is in her mid-thirties says that her mother is her greatest supporter and role model.

“I look up to my mother. She’s a God-fearing and very successful woman. My mother is a prayer warrior. Her prayers have kept me going. When we lost our dad, she raised the three of us by herself. She is a superwoman. This is who I want to be, who I aim to be.”

Lillian confessed that she and her ex-husband Moses Kanene had disagreements in their relationship just like any other and that doesn’t mean that they can’t talk.

“He is the father of my son, I will always love him.”

And she concluded,

“Stop meddling in other people’s lives. Do You.”

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