Monica Kiragu with Jacque Maribe
Monica Kiragu with Jacque Maribe

Many have been waiting for Jacque Maribe’s friend Monica Kiragu to speak out and she has finally done it.

TerryAnne Chebet
L-R: Monica Kiragu, Kirigo Ngarua, Amani, Shix Kapienga, Jacque Maribe and TerryAnne Chebet


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The Citizen TV news director and Jacque Maribe’s friend, has shared a deep message about he friends situation and in her message, she told people to stop judging Jacque. She wrote:

Before you judge or comment on someone, make sure you know the truth and whole story because you might end up losing something or hurting someone

She added;

The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.

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Maribe and her fiance Jowie were arrested over businesswoman Monica Kimani’s murder and they are currently in remand until Monday when they will take pleas for the murder of the late.

Jacque Maribe
With her fiance

Jacque’s family and friends have been there for her and most of their posts on social media clearly state that they’re saddened by the turn of things. Kirigo Ngarua and TerryAnne Chebet have also commented on Maribe’s current situation.

The TV girl, who’s in custody also told of critics in a fiery message before she was locked behind bars.

Jacque Maribe
Jacque Maribe new bio

Well, Jowie and Jacque’s neighbour Brian Kassaine, whose gun the main suspect in Monica’s case used to attempt suicide was freed on Thursday after he turned state witness against the two.

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