By now you already know that the famous Nigerian group P-square is no more. The twins Peter and Paul Okoye were seen hurling insults at each other as they got into a fight at a lawyer’s office.

Peter (The one without the locks) presented a termination document to split the group after the irreconcilable difference between him, Paul and their elder brother, who happens to be Paul’s manager.

Fans have now brought the blame on Jude Okoye, their elder brother whom they say favours one twin over the other, leading to the split. In the termination letter, Peter says his elder brother threatened to kill him and shoot his wife.

Jude Okoye

Video: P-Square Fight Like Hungry Dogs After Split In Lawyer’s Office

Since last year, P-Square has been having issues and were in the past seen exchanging words on social media. It is hard to believe that they are twin brothers but Peter is already holding his own shows in Washinton DC.

Last weekend, Peter, who has already gone solo brought the house down, proof that Psquare is indeed over and done with.

In a viral video, Paul condemned his brother

“Peter shame on you. Peter i say shame on you. You are shameful.”

Paul responded:

“You want to beat me? Beat me. Look at this idiot.”

Here is the viral video of P-Square arguing.

Check out fans’ reactions to Jude Okoye, the twin’s elder brother.

onyimich2000: Jude is the problem of Peter and Paul simple.

eaberry_peaberry: Plz Jude get ur siblings together… Blood is thicker than water. We luv u all😥

patmomoh: Why attacking Peter ? Jude is using juju to control Paul, leave Paul the juju Wil soon clear from your eyes. Peter is so strong any type of juju can never affect him.

mirabellenewton: Mr Judas Iscariot please bring back our psquare not your posting pictures. Thanks

iam_gracespeaking: And I can see you have a big mouth, I saw the video and I have a keen look at the matter, he favors Paul to Peter,

iam_gracespeaking: Jude, go and settle your younger ones, and don’t let your mum turn her body in the grave… Act like the elder brother that you are

mavellousrobert: Jude u are real d coz of psquare’s crisis, so we beg u to leave them alone, u are just there elder brother but not psquare ! So leave psquare alone, u are being one sided, after all we don’t knw u when psquare started! Pls leave peter& Paul alone we beg u……

t_moses7575: Brother Jude can’t you call Peter and Paul n talk to dem even beat two of them if them know wan hey sense again…… nah only dem we get for Naija now oooooooo please help the situation on ground bro Jude am begging you