Baby Njiru

Nominated senator Isaac Mwaura is a happy father His only surviving child Njiru has joined the school.

Mwaura and his wife Mukami lost two of their triplets after they had spent three months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

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The couple’s surviving child Njiru has brought joy to them and in a lengthy post, Mwaura narrated how happy he was to see his son join school.

My son turns 3 years in a few days and Mukami and I decided its time he goes to school. Nowadays, children as young as one and a half years are being taken to playgroups as a means of catching up with milestones and developing personalities; something that a good number of us compensated for while growing up in rural setups with so many kids in the village homesteads across porous fences If any. We didn’t need a visa like Miguna to land to his motherland. As a result of our urban living in apartments and gated communities, this is the price we have to pay. So my son reported to school today and it was emotional for both Mukami and I. As his mother got him prepared, she couldn’t help but observe that indeed we are ‘now parents’ or rather,‘sasa sisi ni watu wazima’. On Monday, I went to the bank to pay school fees for him for the first time and it felt very nice and fulfilling. That joy of a father as he finally gets to do what he is wired to do; that of providing for his family in real tangible terms. I have paid school fees many times before for different students that I support but doing it for the first time for your own child is a different feeling altogether. And nowadays the kind of fees that children are paying for kindergarten is much more than high school fees or even some middle-level colleges. Is it that children are expensive or it’s a rip off…… playgroup…Montessori…CB.

So Njiru’s mother did some shopping for him yesterday, the usual stuff that nursery or is pre-school kids need that a parent is given as a list to take to school?? So today the little man was ready for his first day at school wearing a tiny blazer, some collar shirt, a pair of jeans, black shoes and some Spiderman back pack. He was extremely excited, a trait he has developed since he knows that when he is dressed up, it’s time for us to go only that today he would be left behind in a totally new place. Fathers are priests of their family and so, I committed his life to GOD since this is the first time Njiru will be in the hands of totally new people like teachers and caretakers and within a school environment, away from being with us, his auntie, nanny or grannies. It’s a journey that will take many years to complete and he has started it at a rather tender age. The expected kindergarten age has been 5 or 6 years for the longest, and during my time, I went to a boarding school at only 4 years old, then considered as very young. That was torture to say the least, as both my mother and I would cry each time she dropped me at school in Thika. And now many years later, my own son has reported at an even younger age of 3 years. Child psychologists and ECD experts will need to tell us the impact of this kind of schooling with regards to child development but already we are witnessing teenagers finishing high school at 16 years and campus by the time they are 20 years. In our time, 20 was the average age for a first-year student at the university.

So today in our morning devotion, we read in the book of Job 19: 21-27 about job and how he was sure that in the end, his redeemer would come for his rescue. The guiding words were ‘a hundred years from now’, a title that provokes us to think about our own legacies, that sense of permanence to be remembered for after you are gone off the face of the earth. Looking at little Njiru, I couldn’t help but internalize that he is the sure bet of the continuity of my fatherhood and the heavy responsibility that comes with it with regards to diminishing masculinity. That we can mold our boys who look up to us with awe and trepidation while still young. That we can bring them uprightly in order for them to positively impact the world as men!! The family is the basic social unit and when things go right in there, they make things right within society. When things go wrong in there, the converse is also true.
So little Njiru goes out there to both impact and be impacted by the world. It’s hard to let him go, but if you want a child to walk on his own, you must let him off your hand. He will fall severally, but that is the only way he will be able to walk independently. Today, we let our little son go. As a father, I want him to be a man. A strong man, a real masculine man; so that someday, he will also let his little son or daughter go responsibly. Or even better, to carry me with a vehicle. When we were small, my mother used to tell me to thooma na hinya nigeetha ukaangua na ngaari . DT Read with a lot of strength so that you will carry me with a vehicle someday. Its tough and sweet being a dad.

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Here are photos of baby Njiru

Isaac Mwaura Isaac Mwaura

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