Eko Dydda

Gospel artiste Eko Dydda is thankful to Kenyans for supporting him when he was forced into quarantine.

A week ago on Saturday night, Eko Dydda was arrested past curfew hours on his way back from buying medicine for his wife who’s battling heart-related problems and taken to Kilimani police station.

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On the following day, Eko Dydda’s wife Sylvia visited the police station and paid cash bail for him but things took a twist after he demanded a receipt. He was later taken to KMTC and Sylvia through human rights activist Boniface Mwangi took to social media to highlight Dydda’s plight, while calling upon Kenyans to help release the father of two.

Eko called and informed me that he had been taken to the quarantine center at KMTC. He told me there were about 200 people there. He was given a blanket and a bed. Up until now, no tests have been taken and he was told the tests would be done on the day they were supposed to get discharged.

l went to KMTC Mbagathi, where l met the officers who had taken Eko there. They told me, “Eko paid us Ksh10,000 and insisted on a receipt. Now he will pay the government Ksh28,000.” They went on to say, “Where do you think our money will come from? It comes from the citizens. I will teach him a lesson. The police officer in Kilimani stopped about 50 motorists on Saturday night but only your husband is giving us problems. If you share the video, we will come, arrest you with your children and take you to quarantine.”’ the mother of two wrote in part.

Well, Eko was released and is doing fine.

THANKS TO THE ALMIGHTY GOD I am back home now and spending time with my 👪 family, thanks to the Lawyers Hub and the support of most of you online for highlighting our plight.
Thank y’all,’ read his first post after he was released from quarantine centre.

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The Niko na Reason hit naker was humbled by the kind actions of Kenyans and in his latest post he continued to thank them.

Thank GOD ALMIGHTY for we were all released. Mad love to all of you who showed love because it takes a lot of courage to show love and only the weak hate. I appeared in court following my incident with police at Kilimani police station on breaking curfew rules as i went to buy medicine for my sick wife. The Office of the Director of Public Prosecution acquitted me of all charges and my cash bail was refunded. Asanteni for sharing my story, special thanks to Boniface Mwangi, Lawyers Hub and to DPP for intervening.

Eko Dydda