Joseph Kuria Irungu
Joseph Kuria Irungu aka Jowie showing his medical wound

Joseph Irungu alias Jowie and his fiancee Jacque Maribe have been living in fear of what might happen next.

The two ‘lovebirds’ have been detained by police for the last couple of days all being termed as suspects in the grisly murder of Monica Kimani.

Amidst all this, his parents have remained mute leaving the public wondering how deep Jowie’s mysterious lifestyle really runs given that not much is known about them.

Jowie proposing to Jacque Maribe
Jowie proposing to Jacque

Then suddenly in a candid interview with Dennis Okari on NTV, Jowie’s parents have expressed their shock and dismay at the news going around that their son whom they brought up in a Christian setting might be a murderer.


Ati nini! Jowie’s parents have never met his celebrity fiancée Jacque Maribe

Jowies mother spoke saying:

I received a call from my son informing me that he is in Kijabe Hospital after being shot by unknown people. It was around 7:30pm and  I informed him that we could not travel that night given that we could not find transport.

We traveled the following day and found him at the hospital like he had said earlier and it is then he narrated what happened on the fateful day of his ‘shooting’

According to Jowie’s mum, her son feared for his life given that he did not know the motive behind his shooting. He confessed to his mum he could not even eat food served by any other person other than her, his father and Jacque Maribe.

‘Alikuwa anakata nappier grass’ Jowie’s parents in denial over murder charges

Jacque Maribe's fiancee Jowie

After leaving him in hospital, his mum was later shocked after seeing the news of his arrest on TV.

The next day after leaving the hospital I called him but he never picked up, to say I was shocked is an understatement. I could not wrap my head around the fact that my son whom I had left in hospital was now on the screens being arrested for murder

Joseph Irungu alias Jowie Joe
Joseph Irungu alias Jowie Joe

I called his sister who promised to go to Kilimani Police Station and find out what was transpiring.

With all this going on, Jowie’s mother says she has been living a tough life. The has been ostracized by most of her friends and family saying they are a family of murderers.

Monicah Kimani who was murdered in Kilimani

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