Jacquey Maribe's fiance Joe Irungu
Di he shoot himself to confuse police?

Jacque Maribe is set to be arraigned in court today over the murder of Monica Kimani.

Her fiance, Joseph Irungu alias Jowie is still in custody as police are still going on with investigations of the late Monica’s murder.

Joe Irungu with the bullet wound

Jowie’s parents, who stay in Lanet, Nakuru county have been silent on the murder and according to the Standard, his father Julius Mwangi Irungu declined to speak to them.

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But a close friend to Mr. Mwangi told the Standard that;

Mr. Irungu still can’t believe that his son committed murder. He is also concerned about his wife (Joseph’s mother), the news hit her hardest.

Jowie’s parents are known as staunch Christians and according to sources, they have been keeping a low profile ever since their son was arrested as the prime suspect in Monicah’s murder and they didn’t go to church.

Quite a number of media personalities have come out in support of Maribe but we’re yet to see Jowie’s friends speak on the matter.

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Maribe has since changed her Instagram bio and told off those criticizing her.

Jacque Maribe
Jacque Maribe new bio