Jacky maribe, Joe Irungu, Monica Kimani
Jacky maribe, Joe Irungu, Monica Kimani

They say blood is thicker than water and I agree with that.

Joseph Irungu aka Jowie Joe’s parents have finally spoken out on the murder case he is facing. Jowie, who is TV girl Jacque Maribe’s fiance, was arrested three weeks over the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

Jacque Maribe and Friends

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Jowie is still in police custody as well as his lover Maribe and his family has adamantly dismissed police reports that their son is a murderer. In an exclusive interview with Daily Nation, Jowie’s father said;

Shedding of blood is bad. we are not siding with anyone, but I believe my son is innocent.

He added that he was not happy with police investigations, which indicate that his son was the main suspect in Monica’s murder after DNA results matched Jowie’s.

I was shocked to see the report in the papers that DNA samples were showing 99.9% per cent confirmation. I am hoping they can track everything and do thorough investif\gations. we are wondering how they arrived at that.

The main suspect in Monica’s murder grew up in a Christian family, was a choir member in his home church and after completing a hotel industry course at Kenya Polytechnic, he moved to Dubai in search for a new job.

He did not get any local training in security. When he left for Dubai, he said was looking for a job in the hotel industry and I think he changed jobs when he got there and was trained there. 

Jowie’s father told the Daily Nation that they communicated with him frequently and his son was a staunch Christian and a regular church-goer.

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On 30th June this year, Jowie proposed to Jacque Maribe before her close friends and he told his family about it and they wished him well.

I blessed him as his father when he told me about his plans with Jacque and told him to continue with his plans. You know I can’t choose a wife for him. I told him he had to take care of himself and his future wife. I asked him if Maribe had the values of a wife and he told me she did, and I gave them my blessings.

Jacque Maribe
With her fiance

Jowie’s father also revealed that he was planning to take his fiance home (Nakuru) before he was arrested.

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The distraught father further revealed that the last time he met his son was at Kijabe Mission Hospital, where he was admitted after he was ‘shot by armed gunmen in Lang’ata’.

He called me to say he was in the hospital, and so we left with his mother to find out what had happened. We arrived and he told us that he was admitted on Sunday. He told us what had happened and was later discharged on Monday.

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According to police reports, Maribe’s fiance attempted suicide but his father defended him saying;

I believe for someone with security training, there are no other places to shoot if you want to commit suicide. 

He said that his son, who is in police custody did not receive better treatment and his hand may have to be amputated.

Everyone has a right to medical help even while in custody. We don’t understand why he hasn’t been treated yet the court gave its permission.

He added that;

The doctor wrote a referral letter and it was handed to the police officers guarding him. They said they were going back to their office to arrange the issue. Up to today, he has not been taken to hospital and the hand is rotting.

Jowie’s father also said that he didn’t know Monica in person but according to their son, they went to the same college and followed each other on Instagram.

I am pleading with investigators not to rush matters, but to do thorough investigations to reveal who actually did it.

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