Monica Kimani and Jowie

Five months after the gruesome murder of businesswoman Monicah Kimani, it has now emerged the main suspect in the case, Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu was not alone in the apartment.

73 DNA samples taken at Monicah’s apartment proved that Jowie was indeed present when Monicah died.

‘I didn’t know my son had kids with Syombua,’ Peter Mugure’s mother reveals

According to a five-page report by Joseph Kagunda Kimani, the government analyst

‘DNA generated from Monicah’s pillow and a rear seat matched the DNA samples of Joseph Irungu alias Jowie.

Two DNA profiles were generated from the samples,They  were  of an unidentified man and a woman.’

Jennings Odhiambo was also among other suspects to have been arrested by homicide detectives in connection to the murder.

Jowie and Jennings

According to Monicah’s brother George Thiru, she was scheduled to meet them on that fateful morning after landing from Southern Sudan where she was taking care of their family business ‘Millipaul General Trading’ named after their parents.

However, their numerous calls went unanswered raising eyebrows.

‘Syombua’s kids Shanice and Prince Michael were strangled using a rope,’ post mortem reveals

Her mother after noticing Monica is not picking calls, requested George to go to her apartment and check her whereabouts.



In the company of another relative, he approached two soldiers and the caretaker to the apartment upon arrival, who allowed him inside the premise.

The late Monicah Kimani and her brother George in a past photo

Upon knocking the door several times with no response, they requested permission from the landlord to be allowed to break in and permission was granted.

Her body was later discovered in a bathtub with her hands and legs tied with a white cable with her phone lying right beside her.

According to George who was present at the scene, her throat had been slit and beneath her was a knife that they suspect was used by the murderer.

He also witnessed that Monica’s body did not have garments on the lower part apart of her torso and her pantie was torn on one side.

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