The living condition in Manyani Maximum Security Prison are not palatable at all for one Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu.

He was transferred to the prison that is in the middle of a wildlife reserve after he was caught with contraband.

The conditions at Manyani Prison are so bad that he is on a hunger strike. His father told the press that his son has refused to eat because he suspects his food could be poisoned.

Now, Jowie has sued the Kenyan government over alleged mistreatment in prison which he brands as ‘inhumane treatment’.

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In a suit filed by his lawyer Wilson Nandwa at the high court on Friday, Jowie sued the state and the commissioner of prisons.

Jowie is seeking protection from his claimed troubles in the prison system.

He is a murder suspect in the brutal killing of businesswoman Monicah Kimani. She was found dumped in the bath tab of her posh apartment at Lamuria Garden in Nairobi last year.

Monica Kimani and Jowie

Her throat had been slit, ear to ear and her hands and legs bound.

In the suit paper, Jowie also details that he wants to record a statement at Kiambu police station and to file a report and also be taken to Kiambu Hospital for medical examination and for the purpose of filling a P3 form.

Jowie also adds that he was threatened with death by a fellow prisoner who physically assaulted him in the presence of police officers at the Kamiti maximum prison where he was being remanded.

This comes after Jowie was denied bail for the second time.


The murder trial resumes on February 13, 2020.

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