The murder trial of Joseph Kuria Irungu alias Jowie and Jacque Maribe, both of whom have denied killing businesswoman Monicah Kimani, is ongoing.

The 28-year-old woman was found brutalised in her own home at the posh Lamuria Garden apartment in Kilimani, on the night of September 19, 2018.

Monicah was found with her neck slit ear-to-ear, hands and legs were bound and the body was dumped in the bath tab.

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Is that her car?

The tap was let on, water had been running over her lifeless body.

Dr Joseph Kimani, who works with the government chemist, told the court that there was a blood spot on Jowie’s shorts, although one could not tell using the naked eye.

The brown shorts were among items handed to him by the police for analysis. He said after analysis, the blood on the shorts matched that of Monica.

The pathologist told Justice James Wakiaga that he received 73 exhibits from the police as well as DNA samples and swabs from several people.

During his cross-examination on Tuesday, Kimani said the DNA on the empty Beer can and the white straps were of different unknown origins.

Nine witnesses have testified so far.

The hearing continues today.

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