Jacque Maribe is on the cover of True Love magazine this month. In her interview, she talks career moves and motherhood.

Maribe was also asked about her relationship with ex-fiance Jowie Irungu.

She threw major shade saying,

“Who is that?” She said.

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” ‘I don’t talk about that man. One because we have a court gag and there is no way of speaking about him and not giving details of what happened. And second, I really just don’t care about him at all.”

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‘I don’t talk about that man!’ Jacque Maribe speaks out on Jowie Irungu

Now, Jowie and his wife Eleanor Musangi have retaliated by shooting a TikTok video. In the video Jowie rates Eleanor and his ex.

All the good qualities are attributed to Eleanor like being a good kisser, funniest, nicest body and whom Jowie’s mum loves the most.

In the video, he is asked, “Who do you think loves you the most?”

And Jowie picks Eleanor.

However, Jowie trashed his ex by branding her a liar, someone who made him cry the most, and someone who has cheated on him.


While he is doing this, his wife, Eleanor is filming it and laughing as he fills the glass with water.

Watch the video here

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