Jowie in court
Jowie in court

Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu has rebranded his online persona.

The main suspect in the murder of businesswoman Monicah Kimani has changed his name online. He is no longer known as Jowie Joe but as Kush Irungu.

Read all about his transformation below.

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Anyhow, Jowie showcased his kitchen skills and the delicacies he likes.

In his Insta-stories, Jowie posted a photo of three humongous bull testicles waiting to be cooked. In the photo, one can also see some garlic cloves probably to saute, marinate or help in making the sauce.

Jowie posted the photo with the caption,


Jowie JowiBull testicles are a worldwide delicacy. In Kikuyu, it is called “Makagari”.

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Testicles are cooked in a variety of ways, you can sautée, deep-fry with bread or batter, in pies, poached, roasted, and so on.

Before cooking, they are generally scalded, skinned, and soaked in cold water

Here is how delicacy is cooked in various countries and cultures, thanks to Wikipedia.

Here it is known as ‘prairie oysters’ in Canada, they are normally served deep-fried and breaded, with a demi-glace. The dish is especially popular in parts of Canada, where cattle ranching is prevalent and castration of young male animals is common.

In Syria baid ghanam or sheep testicles are grilled in lemon juice and garnished in parsley.

In India and Pakistan, goat testicles and kidneys are mashed up and cooked on a Tava. The dish is called Gurda-Kapoora. In Lahore, the dish is called takka-tak.

United States
In the United States, bull testicles are usually served breaded and deep-fried as an appetizer, under the name “Rocky Mountain oysters”.

Buffalo, boar or bulls testicles known as criadillas are breaded and fried; In tortilla Sacromonte, a speciality from Granada, lambs brains and testicles are cooked in an omelette.

Bulls testicles are commonly called “Ngầu pín”. It is a very common food as it is believed to increase men’s sexual ability.[13][circular reference]

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