Gun drama
Controversial businessman Chris Obure and his bodyguard Robert Ouko are facing murder charges over the death of Kevin Omwenga.

Ouko shot the 28-year-old in the chest at his Galana Suites apartment using Obure’s gun and was pronounced dead on arrival at Nairobi Women’s hospital.

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This is not the first time Obure has been involved in gun drama. Not so long ago, he was arrested and his firearm revoked for threatening to shoot a reveller at a city club.

He has been accused of misusing his firearm several times and threatening quite a number of people.

Chris Obure and Robert Ouko at Kibera law courts

Well, apart from the two below are other personalities who were arrested over gun drama.

Babu Owino

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino was arrested and charged for shooting DJ Evolve in the neck at B Club, Nairobi in January this year.

The disc jockey, whose real name is Felix Orinda, was hospitalised at Nairobi Hospital, where he underwent three surgeries.

DJ Evolve was discharged and part of his body was paralysed.

Babu Owino is a free man.

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DJ Moh Spice

The popular reggae deejay was arrested in August last year after a photo of a gun tucked in front of his pants went viral.


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DCI confirmed the arrest and said that a pistol and 174 rounds of ammunition were confiscated from him

Following Public outcry of a #DJ displaying a Firearm in public, @DCI_Kenya Detectives from #SCPU last night arrested Mr. Nicholas Mugo MWANGI at #SpaceLounge Club, Ngong Rd. A Steyr Pistol & 174 rounds of Ammunitions confiscated. He’s in our custody helping with investigations,’ read a tweet on DCI’s Twitter.

Steve Mbogo
In 2019 after the Dusit Hotel terror attack, Steve Mbogo showed up at the scene with a sophisticated firearm and bulletproof vest ‘to protect’ victims who were stuck in the hotel.
He ended up sharing videos and photos of people who were killed by terrorists forcing DCI to arrest him following public outcry.
Steve Mbogo
Steve Mbogo carrying the shotgun shortly after the terror attacks
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Joseph Irungu aka Jowie

He was arrested in connection with the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani. Jowie, spent more than a year at Kamiti Maximum Prison before he was released early this year.


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The gun he used belonged to his neighbour, who turned state witness.

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Jackson Kibor

The controversial politician charged in court after he threatened to shoot his son Ezekiel. The Eldoret based farmer was charged released on a bond of Sh100,000 in 2017.

Jackson Kibor

Paul Kobia

The controversial city businessman is known for his love for firearms. A while ago, his social media pages were dotted with photos of him posing with firearms. 

Paul kobia Kenyatta chilling with his son

In 2017, Kobia together with his bodyguards were arrested after a fight with a Congolese national.

They attacked the Congolese man at his residence in Kindaruma, attracting attention. He shot in the air to scare security guards of the apartment who tried to block their way.

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Senator Benson Njoroge

The nominated senator had an altercation with Vivo MD Polycarp Igathe (by then),  at a petrol station in Naivasha and he drew his gun on him.

Ben Njoroge