Joseph Irungu alias Jowie has agreed to surrender his passport and report to the police as often as required as conditions for bail. Irungu and Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe are to appear in court next Wednesday for their bail hearing.

The two have pleaded not guilty to the charge of murdering Monica Kimani. In his affidavit, Irungu said the prosecution has not provided compelling reasons to deny him freedom through bond.

Irungu said.

As a sign of goodwill, I am ready and willing to be reporting to my investigating officers … as the court may direct, to prove my assertion that I am serious to have this case finalised without any issue

He also said he has cooperated with investigators since he was arrested on September 25. Irungu also put forward his wounded shoulder that he allegedly shot himself on as he tried to commit suicide as one of the planks to his request for bail.

I have a wound on my left shoulder that has not been properly attended to by medical doctors and I have only been on painkillers which have not been of any good use to me as I am in constant pain

Jowie Irungu
Jowie Irungu at Milimani Law Courts

He also said the police have failed to aid him to get medical assistance as directed by the court last week. “I honestly and sincerely promise to abide by all conditionalities that may be set to enable me get proper medication for my wound and attend to the heading of this case slated for while on bond,” Irungu said.

“My family will find a suitable person to be my surety by placing his security for my release.”

In the six-page affidavit, Irungu said his lawyers have advised him that he should not interfere with witnesses, a condition he said he will adhere to.

In any event, I do not know any of the said witnesses, let alone any intentions of talking to them. Deep down, I know I am totally and completely innocent over the allegations levelled against me

Irungu has been treated as a prime suspect over the killing of Monica, who he is said to have been in contact with on the day of the murder.

Monica was found in a bathtub in her Kilimani apartment with her hands and legs tied and her throat slit. He was arrested four days after Monica’s body was discovered while Maribe was arrested three days after his arrest.

The two have denied the allegations levelled against them and are now awaiting their bail hearing on October 24. In her request for bail, Maribe says that she is only on trial for having been in a love relationship with Irungu and the state does not have any evidence linking her to the crimes.

She has also asked the court to grant her bail in order to take care of her four-year-old son since she is a single mother. She admits to being in a relationship and living in the same house with Jowie, the co-accused.

Joseph Kuria Irungu
Joseph Kuria Irungu showing his medical wound

She also allowed him to use her car. “Except for these three aspects of association with a person the prosecution is interested in, the prosecution on its face has no witnesses and or forensic material to associate me with the murder directly or indirectly,” Maribe said.

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Maribe asked the court to release her on a bail of Sh350,000 and one or two sureties of a similar amount owing to her humble circumstances and that of her family.