Former journalist Moses Dola is on trial for a case involving the murder of his wife, former NTV news reporter Wambui Kabiru. According to news reports, Wambui was brutally killed in her house at Nairobi’s Umoja estate in the early hours of May 1, 2011.

A post-mortem report and the death certificate, that form part of the ongoing legal proceedings, indicated the death was caused by a heavy blow to the skull using a blunt object.

When Wambui’s body was found, Moses Dola, went missing, and a major manhunt was mounted. It was later discovered that he had travelled to his rural home in Siaya.

And that is how one of the most publicized murder trials in Kenya began.

The case is still ongoing.

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Today, Dola took to his social media account to post word about an upcoming “tell all” about the murder trial.

“As I take to the witness stand, I finally unveil my autobiography, “The Capital Journalist”. In it,read my captivating journey from a lorry loader, disc jockey, career investigative journalist and a defendant in one of Kenya’s most talked about six year long trial,” Dola wrote.

The 700-page book is published in South Africa is written by Moses Dola and is touted as “a must read publication and an inspiration to many youth and journalists”.

“It had never occurred to me that journalism would fail me at some point. The only thing I was left with was my wife and son,they were all that mattered to me..but then she died..”, Moses Dola is quoted in the book, The Capital Journalist.

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