Jose Chameleone Star

Social media is a crazy thing! The people who seem to have it all usually are just fronting. And this is such a common practice that there’s even a term coined for this new phenomenon: “faking for the gram”.

You have socialites and other trollops posting things their sugar daddies bought them with the hashtag Independent Ladies or Go Getters or some such nonsense. Then you have people in relationships posting #RelationshipGoals that make the rest of us turn green with envy but not Uncle Chim Tuna! I always say that the only reason people feel compelled to share so much about their relationships is when they are compensating heavily for a shortfall.

And I am vindicated once again.

This time round, Chameleon’s wife has moved to court to annul their marriage citing cruelty as the main force behind her decision.


She stated in her petition number 72 of 2017, filed on April 18, 2017, that Chameleone batters and tortures her and the children.  According to the petition, the estranged couple wedded on June 7, 2008, at St. James Bbiina, Mutungo a Kampala suburb and they were blessed with four children during the subsistence of the marriage. The children are; Abba Mayanja, 11, Alfa Mayanja, 8, Alba Mayanja, 4 and Amama Mayanja, 3.


Through Okurut and Company Advocates, Atim stated that in 2013 Chameleone started physically torturing her and sometimes he would go home drunk and beat her up without any reason. In order to hide the bruises and wounds on her face, she would allegedly go to hospitals for treatment, veil herself and sometimes run to her friends’ homes to hide from her husband.