Jose Chameleone Star

Joseph Mayanja, popularly known as Jose Chameleone, is arguably the best musician in the East African region. Having stayed in the music industry for 16 years, Chameleone has managed to become the most-sought-after artiste around, despite many having faded into insignificance.

Known for hit songs such as Wale Wale, Nkoleki, Vale Vale, Dorotia, Tubonge, Agatako and Pam Pam, Chameleone’s music has always dominated both the local and international airwaves, a clear indication that he is creative and talented.

The Tubonge hit singer has also worked hard his way up, and his lavish lifestyle is a clear indication of that. From his palatial mansions to driving expensive cars, Chameleone is a clear indication that indeed, music pays.

Well, of late, Chameleone has been accused of using black magic to gain fame and popularity, but recently, he refuted the claims in an exclusive interview with Mpasho.

Chameleone says there are people out there trying to tarnish his name.

He says he is a believer in Christ and that’s why he has risen from grass to grace. He further says that ‘witchraft is nonsense’.

Jose Chameleone is the elder brother to Ugandan singers Palaso, Weasel and the late AK 47.