Guys, did you know that Uhuru Kenyatta’s first grandchild will be turning three this year.

Time does fly.

Back in November 2017, Uhuru’s son, Jomo and his wife Fiona Achola welcomed their first child at Agha Khan Hospital, baby Wanjiru, who was named after the first lady Margaret Kenyatta.

This year, the little princess will turn three. The only other time she has been seen in public or mentioned in media reports was when she was 6-months-old.

This was when Baby Wanjiru attended her parent’s white wedding.

Jomo and Achola got married in a much-talked-about Kenyan royal wedding.

This came after a traditional wedding ceremony in 2016. Achola got a warm reception at Uhuru’s rural home in Ichaweri, Gatundu, during the traditional ceremony known as Itara.

Achola was escorted by her mother Ruth Omamo and handed over to her mother-in-law, First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, before being escorted to her new home by her aunts and her husband’s aunts amid ululations and cheers.

When she came out of the house, the bride was adorned by her mother-in-law and sister-in-law Ngina before receiving gifts from her aunts.

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They included Senator Beth Mugo, Kristina Pratt, Nyokabi Muthama, Anna, Pip, and Christine Gakuo (First Lady’s sisters), as well as Defence CS Raychelle Omamo.

Uhuru’s mum, Mama Ngina Kenyatta, could not hide her joy as her new ‘co-wife’ (Jomo is named after her husband) was ushered into her new home.

In his brief speech to the guests, Uhuru said,

“Now that my son has his own home it’s a sign we are ageing and we shall have to hand over some of the authority to the young people, but it comes with responsibilities.”

This paved the way for the white wedding, which was so hush-hush that most Kenyans think it did not happen. The white wedding was very exclusive and all the guests were told well in advance to save the date.

“My invite requested that I save the date, April 8, for the wedding of the firstborn son of the Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta. It was a personal invite without the venue details,” whispered a source.

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The venue details were later released to the guests, who were then asked to keep mum about it.

Sources claim it was held at State House. “The guests went through a thorough security check before they could walk into the venue. No cell phones were allowed and no media was present either, apart from the official camera people,” the source added.

So, do not expect to see a random photo anywhere on the blogosphere or social networks.

“Jomo and Achola needed their privacy. They are not running for any political post so they did not need the limelight to enjoy their special day,” the source said.

The bridal party wore baby pink, which was the theme of the wedding. After Jomo and Achola said their vows, there were fireworks. The reception was held at the same venue. The guest list included Uhuru’s close political allies, Jomo and Achola’s pals and a few celebrities, besides the usual family members.

The couple’s six-month-old baby – at the time – was part of the lavish ceremony.

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