Gathoni wa Muchomba
Gathoni wa Muchomba

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria should join a rehabilitation centre, Kiambu women’s representative Gathoni Wamuchomba has said.

Wamuchomba said Kuria was under the influence of alcohol when he attacked President Uhuru Kenyatta during a New Year eve party in Ruiru.

Kuria claimed Uhuru had neglected his home county Kiambu. He said Uhuru was commissioning projects elsewhere and only issuing certificates to rehabilitated alcohol addicts when he visits Kiambu.

Wamuchomba said the attack was reckless and unacceptable.

She said she had sent Kuria a text message requesting him to join Mama Care Rehabilitation Centre in Karuri, Kiambaa constituency.

Wamuchomba started the rehab centre at Wangunyu Primary School.

“It was a bad show as leader since the party was a celebration of the New Year. I was so disturbed because we have been fighting alcoholism,” she said.

The MP asked her colleague to join the centre this month, saying recruitment was ongoing.

“He didn’t respond to my message and am still expecting his reaction. I think he switched off his phone,” Wamuchomba said.

The MP, who was speaking to reporters in Kiambu, said Kuria’s speech indicated he has a problem that needs urgent treatment.

Moses Kuria
Moses Kuria speaking

She asked the Gatundu lawmaker to apologise to Uhuru, his constituents and all supporters of the President.

Kuria claimed Uhuru has not started mega projects in the county like he has done elsewhere.

He said residents were tired and needed better services and projects that would create employment and improve road network.

“We don’t see projects being done here. Ours is to issue certificates to drunkards,” Kuria said.

Wamuchomba said Uhuru commissioned the Huduma Care Mobile Vehicle in Kiambu town when he visited the rehabilitation centre that was funded by National Government Affirmative Action Fund.

 Kiambu woman representative Gathoni Wamuchomba speaking to journalists at Kiambu road.

Kiambu woman representative Gathoni Wamuchomba speaking to journalists at Kiambu road.

She said Jubilee administration had commissioned the construction of major roads in the county including Wangige-Ngecha, Uplands-Githunguri-Ruiru-Moi among others.

“Some of these roads were commissioned by Deputy President William Ruto,” she said.

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