Ali Hassan Joho

To say that Joho is a man of means is truly an understatement. The Mombasa governor whom many refer to as Sultan is obscenely wealthy.

And he has decided to use some of that vast wealth to help someone in need which was amazing. And the person he chose to help as the title tells, is Jahmby Koikai. For those of you not familiar with just who that is, well, Jahmby Koikai is a former media personality who has taken time off to win her fight with endometriosis.

The fight to regain her health has left her accounts depleted as one would expect given how expensive health care really is and she has embarked on a crowdfunding drive (that is just the muzungu way of saying harambee) to get the funds she needs to help her complete her treatment.

So as you can expect, the fact that Mombasa County’s governor, Hassan Joho had chipped in some money towards her cause has really astounded her. She took to social media and shared this post: