John De Mathew’s best friend Peter Kigia has called out people who are trying to “gain publicity” by claiming that they know DeMathew so well.

This comes after Mugithii singer Mike Rua in a phone interview with KTN, revealed DeMathew’s last moments saying at some point got too emotional and started crying while they were still hanging out together.

The last moments, he was crying when I brought up something which i CANNOT REMEMBER SINCE WE WERE PARTYING.

I saw it happen! Eye witness details John De Mathew’s last moments


we talked about THE controversies we had here and there.

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The heartbroken Rua couldn’t talk anymore and he excused himself.

I don’t think it is the right time to talk about this thing, kindly call me sometime later,’ he said.

Peter Kigia

Kigia revealed in an interview with Mpasho that on the day of the accident, De Mathew had met friends, including himself, to interact and contribute funds for his daughter who had burnt her hand.

“It was not a harambee as written on the internet. We spent the day together and De Mathew was very jovial unlike the rumours going around that he was angry. Those reporting that are just people looking for publicity,” Kigia said.

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