Former KTN journalist John Allan Namu left many talking for days after he married a woman slightly older than him. The two met at KTN for the second time where John Allan Namu was an intern and Makena an editor.

John Allan Namu

John Allan Namu revealed that in 2008, that’s when things became serious and in 2010, they tied the knot in a colorful wedding ceremony. Eight years down the line, the power couple, whose parents were family friends before Makena’s parents passed away, is happily married with four children.

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In a recent media interview, Namu and Sheena spoke about their love story and it’s an interesting one.

They spoke about their age difference and John Allan Namu:

“I don’t feel the age difference. Sometimes I feel like I’m the older one. Age difference has never been a factor.”

Age is just a number and Makena explained that:

“Age difference is really not something that we think about. We only remember when filling forms or asked about our age. we think more of the same.”


The investigative journalist revealed that he was in a relationship, but it wasn’t working out and when he met Sheena, she redefined love to him.

“I was in a long distance that wasn’t working quite well as I wanted it to. Sheena and I always had a good time together and I missed that in my previous relationship.,” he said.

Adding that:

“I usually don’t like talking about my relationship with my ex-girlfriend. That’s a slippery slope and I don’t want to come off as if I’m blaming my ex for the state of our relationship but it was what it was.”

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Allan applauds his wife Makena  and he says:

“Makena was always supportive of me and my work that’s why I fell in love with her.”


A few months after dating, Makena got pregnant and John Allan Namu had no other choice but disclose the information to his family and ex-girlfriend as well.

“When I got pregnant, THAT PERIOD was a bit tough because we weren’t handling it well. There was the girlfriend and me. I didn’t want to be seen as an orphan hoping all over the place. There was uncertainty,” Makena narrated.


John Allan Namu


“At the time she got prehgnant. I Had to come clean with my girlfriend and family and it was very tough but was also cathatic and that’s when I knew who my real friends were. It sought of shook me and solidified me. the Circle of people who I have around me today, probably by and large are the people who told me I messed up but this is the way to go and they are our friends today,” explained John Allan Namu. 

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John Allan and Nyali MP Mohammed Ali were forced to go into exile for one month that year and while abroad, he shopped for his baby’s stuff and upon coming back, he decided to settle down with her.

“I told Makena I’m willing to work things out and be part of our child’s life. We went for an ultra sound at 20 weeks and when i was told we were having a boy i was really excited. This was one of the points in our relationship that really cemented who we are today.”

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